Maldives - Our stay at Coco Bodu Hithi

Coco Bodu Hithi is part of the Coco resorts group, they hosted us in March 2020 and we got a chance to fully experience their vision of the Maldives ! So let me tell you a bit more about our experience traveling there. 

The Turtle conservation center at Coco Palm

One of the reasons I loved working with Coco resorts is that they have a wonderful Turtle hospital on their Coco Palm resort. They help injured turtles getting strong again to release them back to the ocean. You get to learn a lot about their involvement in the conservation of the ocean 💙

They are ideally placed to start visiting the Maldives

When visiting the Maldives you need to take in consideration that this country is very spread out. Coco Bodu Hithi is located 20 mins of speedboat away from the international Island of Malé on which you are most likely arriving from. No need of connecting flight you simply get picked up by their beautiful yellow speedboat you will get to see a beautiful scenary of the North Male atoll. The perfect amount of time to be immersed deep in the atoll and already feel at the other side of the world.

  • It's a quick transfer 
  • There is no time wasted on connecting flights 
  • It is easy to go back to the mainland 
  • You get to enjoy more time on the beach enjoying your trip right away.


It is one of the first hotels that was created in the Maldives, the size of the island is not too big and not to small. You can visit everything on it by walking and they do have a little shuttle to help you going from one side of the island to the other if you need to arrive faster (to not miss your massage for example). 

  • Everything is accessible from a walking distance 
  • It's a very green island with old trees that have been planted years ago, it feels like a tiny jungle on the inside. They even have beautiful fruit bats nesting and wonderful chanting birds.
  • It's a very cosy atmosphere with very smiling staff and we felt very welcomed.


We stayed in the Island villas which are the dream ! I can't expressed how shocked I was by the beauty of it when I entered it. You open the door and directly meet your giant romantic bathtub in the middle of the villa, on the left side your beautifully decorated bed facing your own private swimming pool and on the other side of the villa you have your own private access to the Beach. Things to experience in your villa to get the most of it

  • Take a midnight splash in the ocean or in your pool looking at the beautiful stars 
  • Order a floating breakfast and take very cool photos in your pool
  • Take a romantic bath with flowers


If you are looking for a breathtaking view from the morning with a sunrise or sunset their water bungalows are great. You have your own private pool plus an access from your terrace to the lagoon to dive right in the reef.

    The restaurants on this Island

    They have 5 restaurants on this friendly island so you have plenty of options for your stay. I appreciated the variety of their cuisine because I was always satisfied as a vegetarian and my husband got to discover the local cuisine as well.

    • I highly recommend their amazing breakfast at the Air Restaurant right by the pool. If you are lucky you might even meet with the local Heron hanging around in the search of fresh food 😄
    • Experience the Star restaurant on the other side of the Island. This is one of the most magical moment of my stay you get to enjoy a lovely candlelight dinner on the pier at night with the sound of the water surrounding you under the stars 

    What did we do on the island ?

    The Maldives is definitely more of a chill out destination, but I still like to have some activities to do and not only stay by the beach. Here are the things I loved doing there :

    • Admire the beautiful sharks from the piers 🦈 especially at night
      • They have so much variety of reef sharks visiting the hotel under the piers and you can even swim with these beauties if you don't scare them. 
    • Snorkel 🤿👌🏼 they have a beautiful reef with lots of fish and turtles coming around.

    • Book a massage 💆🏻‍♀️ and relax with the view over the corals
      • We took a 45min coco massage and it was the most delicious moment of the stay I felt beyond relaxed I was almost melting 😃 
      • By the spa they have the perfect lounges area where you can enjoy their amazing homemade ice tea to cool down.

    • Take a sunset cruise boat trip to see the beautiful lagoon, you can take a trip on the traditional boat to experience a magical sunset.

    And just a few more photos we took during our stay if you haven't been convinced yet 😊