This National park has this amazing arch that you can walk on,

  • This spot gets the best light in the late morning
  • You will have to park and hike up the rocks for 5 minutes before accessing the arch
  • You might see some Dassies (big Hamsters basically, they habitat is on these type of rocks and they are super cute ut very shy)
  • If you camp in Spitzkoppe you can come in the morning and enjoy this spot before everyone arrives.
  • You only need to pay the entrance fee of the National park around US $6 /person


This Hotel is very photogenic, and is located in Sesriem camp up the hill facing the dunes

  • Their pool has the best view over the Desert and the common areas are so aesthetic.
  • If you cannot book a night there you can book the restaurant for the night and come earlier to shoot of go have a refreshment to the bar and take beautiful pictures
  • If you stay there don’t miss pictures of the room, view, common areas and pool there are many angles to photograph in this place
  • The best light was for the golden hour, one hour before sunset then watch the sun slowly disappear behind the dunes


This Dune is one of the highest in the world but the view is worth it

  • Hike up the dune and stock on water, take a jacket and a hat the temperatures will be extreme from cold to hot quickly. It takes 1h30 to reach the top
  • The access is part of the entrance fees for Sossusvlei National Park
  • You don’t have to hike to the very top to be high enough to get this amazing view. We stopped 50m before the end and went on the side of the dune to shoot then climbed down to join Deadvlei
  • The best light was the morning soft sunlights which contrasted with the harsh shadows on the opposite sides of the dunes


This Valley is one of the most iconic Instagram Spots of Namibia, with this arid soil petrified trees and huge dunes which surrounds it

  • You only need to climb up a tiny dune and climb it down to access the valley. It’s a 20 min walk to reach this place from the parking
  • The access is part of the entrance fees for Sossusvlei National Park
  • There are plenty of trees everywhere so you just need to pick one without people around to shoot your photo
  • The best light is in the morning once the sun as come over the dunes because the sunlights can only reach the valley at this moment.



Solitaire is one of the tiniest town I have ever seen and it’s full of old cars decorating the sand of the desert

  • Coming from Sesriem on the way to Swakopmund (the coast) stop in Solitaire to make some great shots
  • The access is absolutely free you just walk around and take photos wherever you want
  • The best light was at the golden hour, one hour before sunset. 

We slept one night there but except if you absolutely want a photo taken at this precise time don’t stay there. The accommodation was fine there is just nothing special to do once you did these shots and you have not really moved on your road trip by spending a night here.

Try the morning light when the shadows are not so strong


These incredible pink salt pans are located further south of Walvis Bay keep driving south on the main road (D1986)

  • The access is free you just need to park on the side of the road and climb up to access the pans and discover the pink lakes behind the salt mounds.
  • There are a lot of different lakes some of them are very pink, other are not as much try different ones to check what is the best
  • You need a bright sun to get the pink color to pop, if it’s cloudy wait for sunlight to shoot otherwise the colors will not be as bold as you expect.


This is the location where the immensity of the Namib Desert ends abruptly in the ocean. The dunes simply ends in the sea there is no beach that slowly transition

  • You need to get a 4 x 4 tour which cost US$ 200 / person
  • This includes a whole afternoon this location with a guide
  • You don’t really choose the timing of shooting because the access to this spot depends on the tide and can be mornings or afternoons
  • If you are lucky you might even see the desert Jackals in the dunes
  • Disclaimer : We didn’t shoot this spot because we had a very grey and cloudy weather and paying that amount of money was not worth it with the conditions we had.
  • ⚠️Do not attempt to self drive there it is wild and dangerous plus you are most likely to either drawn your car or loose yourself in the dunes.


Namibia most famous National park,

  • The access cost around US $10 / person for the day and you get to drive around to spot animals. You are not allowed to get out of your car
  • To get ultimate safari photos book with a guide you will get the elevated open 4 x 4 and will spot the animals best and get this perfect safari frame. Take a scarf driving in these vehicles brings a lot of wind and you freeze quite easily up there.
  • The ideal light is the golden hour the hour before sunset where the savanna shows its most beautiful colors


This location is a ghost town, this used to be an area of Diamonds mining and German miners settled there with hope of fortune. 
The whole village was populated for 50 years and then left behind. The desert took over the habitations creating this end of the world atmosphere.

  • The access to this place is 500km out from Sossusvlei and takes around 6h drive. You can also take an intern flight from Windhoek to the neighboring town of Luderitz via Air Namibia.
  • Photo Permit: NAD $300; (for commercial use, this allows you to enter before sunrise and exit after sunset), Adult visiting permit cost NAD $100 visits are usually done in the morning
  • The best time to shoot is with a golden light so either right after sunrise of and hour before sunset
  • Disclaimer : We didn’t visit this place because it was very isolated from our main road trip.


Quiver trees are actually from the Aloe family, they are massive and beautiful, in south of Namibia you will find a bid forest of them. They are really photogenic. Some of them are +200 years old

  • The entrance fee costs NAD $90 per person
  • To access this National monument you need to drive around 14km north-east of the town of Keetmanshoop, take the C17 road on the direction of Koës, the entrance to Quiver Tree Forest will be on your left.
  • The ideal light is the golden hour the hour before sunset where the savanna shows its most beautiful colors
  • Disclaimer : we didn’t visit this spot as we didn’t explore the south region of Namibia.


Namibia has this long strip which drastically contrasts from the rest of the country. It is green luxuriant and full of water. It is a true wildlife paradise especially for the elephants and hippos.

We unfortunately didn’t visit this part of the country but it’s definitely on my bucket list to explore and share more tips on this region.
The point of interest of the Caprivi Strip are :

  • Katima Mulilo : local art, Zambezi river boat rides
  • Chobe river front : face the borders all Botswana Zimbabwe and Zambia
  • Popa Falls and Mahangu Game Park : wildlife and fantastic bird sanctuary along the Okavango river