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Our COMPLETE preset bundle includes all our presets ever created into one big bundle.
We created this bundle for all of you who don't want to choose and who want to have all our preset in one place. 
This bundle contains 59 presets packs with 385 presets total. The presets inside each pack are delivered as DNG files for mobile use, and as .xmp files for Huawei and desktop users
    Our travel collection covers the most iconic editing look as well as tailor made editing for any type of landscape. You will get presets packs to edit urban landscape, forests or even tropical islands and many more ! This collections contains 
  1. AMBER (8 presets)
  2. CALIFORNIA  (8 presets)
  3. URBAN  (8 presets)
  4. GOLDEN  (8 presets)
  5. ADVENTURE  (8 presets)
  6. NATURE  (8 presets)
  7. NORDIC  (8 presets)
  8. PARADISE  (8 presets)
  9. WILD  (8 presets)
  10. TROPICAL  (8 presets)

Our minimal collection covers the complete neutral palette to edit your photos with neutral tones. From white, beige, browns to blacks we have created a full neutral tone preset collection.
  1. AIRY (8 presets)
  2. BOHEMIAN  (8 presets)
  3. COCOON  (8 presets)
  4. DUSK  (8 presets)
  5. ESPRESSO  (8 presets)
  6. FAWN  (8 presets)
  7. HOME  (8 presets)
  8. MINIMAL BLACK  (8 presets)
  9. RETRO  (8 presets)
  10. TITANIUM  (8 presets)

All my personal editing looks are included. Whenever I travel somewhere I love to create a unique atmosphere of a special color palette to edit my photos. The signature collection includes :
  1. BAVARIA (5 presets)
  2. DUBAI (5 presets)
  3. MALDIVES (5 presets)
  4. NAMIBIA (3 presets)
  5. OMAN (5 presets)
  6. PARIS  (5 presets)
  7. PORTUGAL (5 presets)
  8. PROVENCE (6 presets)
  9. REUNION (5 presets)
  10. TYROL  (5 presets)

This collection contains the most iconic pastel look for a very light in color for editing.
  1. MILKSHAKE (8 presets)
  2. PEACH   (4 presets)
  3. PISTACHIO   (4 presets) 
  4. LILAC (8 presets)
  5. YELLOW (8 presets)



We create iconic editing for each season to give you the best editing possible when this time of the year arrives.

  1. AUTUMN (8 presets)
  2. CHRISTMAS   (8 presets)
  3. COSY CHRISTMAS (8 presets)
  4. CANDY CANE (8 presets)
  5. WINTER JOY (8 presets)
  6. REINDEER (8 presets)
  7. SUMMER   (4 presets) 
  8. SPRING (8 presets) 


We have special packs for specific subjects to provide the best editing to professionals and anyone who enjoy specialized photography.

  1. BEAUTY (8 presets)
  2. COUTURE (8 presets)
  3. FOOD LOVERS (8 presets)
  4. SOUL FOOD (4 presets)
  5. PUPPY (8 presets)
  6. BEACH WEDDING (8 presets)
  7. BOHO WEDDING (8 presets)
  8. FALL WEDDING (8 presets)
✔ Handmade with love   We put all our heart into creating presets

- You get our skills and the finest details from our years of experience in photography editing. 

- You get a preset that have been tested on our users photos with all type of complexions.

- You get lifetime updated presets. This means that when you get a preset from us you will benefit from the free updates. 

✔ Instant Download  No need to wait as soon as your payment went through you receive your download link directly by email and you can start installing the presets right away to use them.

✔ One time payment - Lifetime access you only pay once to use your presets for as long as you want.

✔ Our 5-star reviews we are very thankful to each and everyone of you who take the time to share their experience and beautiful photos. Sharing your photos brings more live examples of the presets and helps everyone, it also allow us to see how you use the preset and inspire us.

✔ Why sho
uld you choose us ?  We care about you ☺️  
When you reach out you get an answer within a couple of hours with active personal support. 
We listen to you when you have an idea to improve our services 
When you join the Loox team we consider you are joining our adventure and we make you part of our big family: you will benefit from the updates, our special deals and our tips and tricks to boost your photography game.

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Frequently Asked Questions


MOBILE PRESETS : You don't have to subscribe to Lightroom to use the presets on your mobile. I give you a tutorial to install them manually in the app (which is free)

DESKTOP PRESETS : You need a version of Lightroom between LR 6 and LR CC to use the presets on desktop


Yes ! You can get our mobile presets they don't require a computer, you can install them directly from your phone.


 Yes !

If you Have Lightroom with a subscription you should get our DESKTOP PRESETS, we deliver them as a ZIP file and you will be able to use them for Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC. If you have Lightroom 6 and you need Lrtemplate get the DNG files delivered for mobile to install your presets in your version.


The MOBILE and DESKTOP Packages usually contain 4 to 5 presets

The Signature presets contain 3 presets. 

Every package describes you how many presets it includes. 


Due to the digital nature of our products, we unfortunately do not provide refunds once they have been purchased.

(Except double purchases of course)
If you have any questions about your purchase, please contact me at and I will be happy to help you


The Presets are digital !

You will download them directly from the website after the purchase. 

You also have the option to create an account to download them in the future. 

If you are in the hurry you will receive an email with the link to download them again any time.

With the presets I also provide you step by step tutorials on how to install them.


I answer everybody as soon as I can ! 

Just let me know your inquiries at the email address :