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As a photographer, and content creator I know finding the right editing tone for your photos can be extremely time consuming. I used to spend so much time editing each individual photos and the result was that none of them matched together. This is why I created this preset pack, to finally achieve fast and consistant results on all type of photos.

For this bundle I personally selected the best editing looks for fall which will match
portraits, lifestyle, and even travel photos giving you sophisticated looks. If you are looking to upgrade your editing skills change the colour tones on your photos or your IG feed, then this collection is the right one for you!

This collection includes:

  •  61 Handmade Lightroom Presets (Delivered for Desktop & Mobile)

    AUTUMN (8 presets)
    BOHEMIAN (8 presets)
    COCOON (8 presets)
    ESPRESSO (8 presets)
    FALL WEDDING (8 presets)
    FAWN (8 presets)
    RETRO (8 presets)
    TYROL (5 presets)
    • 7 Installation Videos to easily step by step for any device
    • Instant Download
    • One-time purchase, Lifetime access
    • Free updates on the packs
    • Fast Customer Support

    Compatible with : Lightroom Classic (from LR6), Lightroom Desktop, Lightroom Mobile, Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw

    Will these presets actually work on my photos?

    Yes ! We are making presets since 2018 and we really mastered the subtle adjustment to avoid any strong undesirable result. We constantly review the quality of the presets we deliver. You might have bought presets in the past that didn’t match your expectations and I understand it. Rest assured that when we create a preset pack it goes through a whole quality process of testing the presets on our users photos, Jpeg and RAW photos and we keep adjusting the presets until we are confidently sure they will meet our users expectations.

    Why choose LOOX Presets?

    We use our own presets as professional photographers but the reason we created them is to simplify the art of editing. We want to make it easy for anyone to achieve the results you want even if you don’t have experience in photography. Our presets will provide you a great base of editing and will speed up your workflow.

    What will I receive ?

     You will receive your personal order under a private link that you will be able to access again anytime, this personal link includes

    • ZIP Files containing the desktop presets (.XMP)
    • Unzipped mobile photos (.DNG) containing your presets for mobile
    • Video tutorials to install your presets on any devices

    How can I use these presets ?

     The first step is to install them on your Lightroom / Photoshop software for desktop or on your Lightroom mobile app.
    Once this is done you will simple tap on these presets like a filter and they will do the job for you.
    From there you can decide to leave it as it is or to twist them to match more your own style. You can always tweak the basic adjustments or the colors once the preset is applied.

    How can I get the best results?

    To get the best results

    - Take your photo with a good lighting the higher quality of the photo the best result you will have

    - Apply the preset on your photo

    - Adjust the exposure if needed

    - Adjust the skin tone if necessary and you are good to go (I give you a tutorial for that)

     And if I still have questions ?

    We have a FAQ you can check,  and you can also send me a DM on Instagram or email me at contact@looxpreset.com and I will be happy to assist you.


    The Autumn preset pack was especially made to create a warm fall look. It will bring up the yellow, orange and red tones in your photos. (8presets)


    The Bohemian preset pack was especially made to create light and beige/off white effect. It will unify your feed and give it a light boho vibe. (8 presets)


    The Cocoon preset pack was especially made to create an off-white minimal nude look on your photos. It will unify your feed and give it an artistic vibe. (8presets)


    The Espresso preset pack gives the perfect brown touch to your photos. This package is perfect to create a brown looking feed. (8 presets)


    The Fall Wedding preset pack was especially made for you to edit your wedding photos and give them a warm autumn touch. (8 presets)


    The Fawn pack was especially made to create a soft beige look on your photos. It will unify your feed and give it a warm nude tone. (8 presets)


    The Retro presets are designed to give an oldish look to your photos. It is the perfect pack to get a vintage film look on your shots. (8 presets)


    The Tyrol preset is part of my signature collection. This is the preset I personally used for my feed while visiting Austria, Germany and Italy. (5 presets)

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    We are selling Lightroom presets. It's a digital filter that will help you edit your photos in one click from your phone / Tablet or Computer.


    Yes, you can use the presets through the free Lightroom app. No need to have a computer. And no need to pay anything extra


    Yes all our products are a 1 time payment only with a lifetime access


    Our individual packages usually contain 8 presets.
    Our bundles contain a lot more preset.

    You will find the exact number of presets in the description of each product.


    Once your payment has gone through you will receive a email with a unique download link. Inside this link you will find all the tutorials you need for any type of devices you need to install your presets on.
    The tutorials both include a installation video and a detailed blog post including the usual trouble shooting.


    Due to the digital nature of our products, we unfortunately do not provide refunds once they have been downloaded.

    (Except double purchases of course)
    If you have any questions about your purchase, please contact me at contact@looxpreset.com and I will be happy to help you


    The Presets are digital !

    You will download them from your unique order link that you will receive by email the after your purchase. 


    Send me an email at contact@looxpreset.com and I will be very happy to help you