The charge of the Rhino

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The Story Behind the Photo

Going on my first visit to Eswatini, driven by word of mouth rather than concrete expectations, I found myself immersed in circumstances that held the promise of magic.

Hope filled my emotions as I crossed my fingers for an encounter with fully horned rhinos, yet barriers of uncertainty loomed large. The question was of whether we would see them, and the challenge of gauging how close we could approach, especially in the presence of potential elephant charges.

The uniqueness of the moment unfolded when we arrived on site, and before us stood a massive rhino in its natural habitat, fully horned and facing us. The journey took a delicate turn as we aimed to be as silent and unobtrusive as possible, ensuring that the encounter with this majestic creature would be nothing short of magical.

In the midst of this, as we lost track of the safety distance in our awe, the power of the rhino, captured through the lens, left a profound impression on me.

The climax of the encounter transpired when the rhino approached, coming up close and fixing its gaze right in front of us for a brief yet intense moment then lowered his head. It was a silent dance of power, for a brief moment I wondered if he would charge or not and captured this moment.

The result? A sense of gratitude overwhelmed me as I captured this epic shot, a perfect portrayal of the raw, untamed power embodied by the rhino.


The photograph can be printed on: 

  • High quality poster on a Glossy photo Paper and you can then frame it
  • High quality ready to hang Canva 
  • Aluminium or Glass printing on demand at

Production & Shipping Time

Glossy paper or Ready to hang canvas take 2 days for printing, 3-4 Business days for shipping.

Glossy Paper prints gives you a vibrant intense result for a smaller size of art

Canvas Prints are a well-known, high-end way of displaying photographs and is more adapted for wider wall decor. They are on a 1.5 inch thick wooden stretcher-bars that give it shape, in the same way an oil painting is traditionally assembled. There are no staples or ugly lines visible on the sides.

Estimated delivery time for printing, assembling, packing and shipping is around 5-7 days.

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