10 Days Itinerary in Reunion Island

  • 🏁 CILAOS

DAY 1-2

✈️  Saint Denis  ⮕ Hell-Bourg

⛽ 47,7km - 1h

From the Airport drive Straight in direction to the authentic village of Hell-Bourg. Take the road during the day where you will be able to enjoy the view on your way there. The landscape is beautiful and you don't want to miss the stop on the way to the Cascade Blanche (White Waterfall) and to have fun driving under a small waterfall ending on the road called Pisse en l'Air. The road is good however it's a mountainous road and it might be more comfortable to drive in the day if you are not used to it.


$ Relais des Gouverneurs - 2 Nights

  • 🥾 Go for a day hike in the mountains and catch some breathtaking views. If you are experienced in hiking you can go for a few days and sleep in the mountains in the hutts. You can also take a day hike in the Foret de Belouve

  • 📸  Explore the village and the small colourful streets of Hell-Bourg with the typical Creole architecture

  • 🏛 Visit Maison Folio and learn about the Creole culture with the local

 Check out my Hell-Bourg blog post to get all the details on what to do when you are there 😃


DAY 3-5

Hell-Bourg  ⮕ Saint Benoit

⛽ 46 km - 1h15

Leaving this charming village take the road to explore the South East part of the Island. On your way make sure to not miss the Bassin de la Paix a charming waterfall in a natural pool the access is quite easy if you can handle the stairs. You can then join your hotel to enjoy half a day of rest and pool after all the hiking you did. You will be perfectly located to explore the Volcano Piton de la Fournaise the next day.


$$$ Diana Dea Lodge - 1 Night

  • 👙 Rest and enjoy a relaxing day at your hotel in the middle of nature

  • 🦌 Take a walk in the forest 

  • 🌋  Visit the Piton de la fournaise (60 km / 1h47) on the day you checkout and plan a sleep close by at the end of the day to avoid driving too far.

DAY 6-7

Plaine des Caffres  ⮕ Cilaos

⛽ 50 km - 1h30

Head for some mountainous road again to visit the village of Cilaos and its 400 turns! Yes you read it right 400 turns to go up the village but on your way there you will see some of the most breathtaking views ever on the mountain chain you will reach the heart of the Island.


$ Any hotel that would match your comfort or budget - 1 night

  • ⛰  Enjoy the view from up there 

  • 🍍 Go to the market and buy some spices and local craft

  • 🧖‍♀️  Relax at the Therms 

  • 🥾 Go see the Piton des Neiges the highest peak of the Indian Ocean

DAY 7-10

Cilaos  ⮕ Saint Paul

⛽ 80 km - 1h30

Head for some relaxing time by the beach to end your stay on the Island. Drive down and stop through Saint Pierre to eat lunch and explore the surroundings. Head toward Saint Paul. On your way stop whenever you feel like it to go to the beach. It's very easy to drive on this side of the Island and you can plan in the next days to explore and go back to your hotel.


$$ Ness by d'Ocean - 3 nights

  • 🏝   Enjoy the beach of l'Etang Salé

  • 🤿  Snorkel and admire the coral reefs

  • 👙  Relax by the pool you deserve it!

  • 🍴  Eat in Saint-Paul at l'Uni-Vert by the beach is a cute decor (the food is great) 
  • Go for a Helicopter tour over the whole Island and see some of the most unaccessible gems from above with Corail Helicopter


 It's now time to head back to the airport in Saint-Denis, if you have time on your way stop by the point of view Cap Noir for a last taste of this incredible Island!

 All the photos in this blog post are edited with my Reunion presets!