Hell-Bourg is a charming Creole village in Reunion Island here is everything you need to know to plan your visit! It's located in the Mountain Circus of Salazie.

1. Enjoy the view on your way there! 

To reach Hell-Bourg you will drive on the road that leads to the Salazie Circus. It's a beautiful narrow spinning road with breath taking views over waterfalls and lush vegetation. Take the road during the day and not at night or you will miss all the view. Also if you are not comfortable driving on these type of roads the night-time might be stressful for you. You can stop on the side as you go to admire the view and take photos. There is even a small waterfall that drops on the road and you will drive under it with your car. It is called Pisse en l'Air

2. Visit the authentic creole houses

The entire village kept the Creole architecture with colourful houses : the cases. The best is to find a spot to park and explore by foot. The village is not big and you will quickly go around it. The shops, restaurants and habitation display colourful wooden walls. Go and support the cutest supermarket you will ever find and snap a photo through the window! 

3. Bring warm clothes and umbrella ☂ 

Hell-Bourg is high up in altitude and is more chilly than the rest of the Island. You will find the weather is fresh and humid. Most of the mornings are foggy and it brings a very mysterious atmosphere to your visit. Plan that it's like mountain weather it can change very quickly from sunny to rainy.

4. Stay at Relais des Gouverneurs 

We loved our stay at Relais des Gouverneurs! This beautiful Creole guest house is a family run business. They host travelers and hikers that leave early in the morning to the circus in the heart of the Island. We experienced the warmest welcome and their garden is beautiful.


5. Go for a hike! 🥾 

Pack up hiking shoes and get up early! Be aware of the weather and always warn your guest house of your itinerary and what time you will be back. There is no signal in the circus and weather can be unpredictable. They will always tell you where you can go and their recommendations always trust the locals they know their Island so follow their advices and enjoy the view.

  • If you plan on a big hike you will need to book an accommodation in the mountains as it's impossible to do the loop in one day. Be aware you need to book ahead and usually pay cash (no signal for the card up there). 
  • If you want a more easy day hike in the forest I would recommend: La foret de Belouve

6. Visit Maison Folio

This beautiful creole Villa is open to visitors from 09:00–11:30 and 14:00–17:00. The entrance costs 6€. The owners will show you around their amazing medicinal garden and the story behind the villa. The lush garden is absolutely amazing

7. Get a higher view

We walked around the village and got to snap some photos of the village from above

8. Go see the Old Thermal station

In the 1830s Hell-Bourg was famous for the Therms, you can now go see what is left of it.


 All the photos in this blog post are edited with my Reunion presets!