10 Posing ideas for shy people

It’s not always easy to feel comfortable getting your photo taken in public. If you feel shy or that you cannot pose for the camera I want to tell you I have been here ! I am not so photogenic yet I have decided to make this my job ! You don’t have to be a model to look good on photos and today I am sharing with you the easiest poses you can start with to grow your confidence. 

1. Show your back and look at the landscape

This is the easiest, you look away and don’t have to worry of your facial expressions.
There are 2 rules to make it work perfectly : 

  • Avoid keeping your limbs around your body and do something with your arms or legs. If you don’t it might look chunky on the photo and we want light and fresh posing.
  • Get a nice landscape around, this pose is a winner when there is something beautiful to look around. Showing your back with nothing special around won’t give a « wow » effect.
  • We need to feel  that you are looking at the landscape and that the view is more important than the photographer and so we see you from the back


2. Looking over your shoulder 

You are looking back over your shoulder and it looks very natural as if we just caught you in the moment. You don’t have to do anything special and just a little step from completely facing away the camera.

3. Looking down and smile 

Looking down and smiling is an easy pose that is flattering and simple. It brings a cute and fresh emotion to your photo without having to fully face the camera.

4. Dress / Skirt Twirl 

Use a long skirt or dress and turn around, twirl or flick it. It will occupy your hands and bring motion to the photo. It’s easy and fun to do.

5. Use props

Bring a book, and umbrella or any relevant object and interact with it naturally, pretend you smell a nice flower bouquet, use a hat anything that will show an action in the photo is good ! 

6. Look away 

Look away from the camera is easy to do, you seem interested by something and it will feel like the photo was taken in the moment. 

7. Create shade with your hand 

Cover partially your face with your hand and make some shade, it hides you a little bit, it frames your face and makes angle with your body, a real win !

8. Sit on the edge / bring a knee up

Don’t fully sit comfortably on something but simply stay on the edge and surround yourself with a nice environment. It will feel less awkward than just standing in front of the camera 

A variant of this is to bring one of your knee up in the photo it will make the posing interesting and will seem comfortable 


9. Walk 

A very easy shot if you don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera is to walk. You will need to set the camera / phone on burst mode to get the perfect shot. In real life you actually « fake walk » take one or two steps forward and walk back and forth on the same spot.

10. Arms up ! 

What makes a photo feel awkward or uncomfortable is that we don’t usually know what to do with our hands ! Lift up your arms and occupy the space around you


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