How to plan a successful photoshoot ?

Prior to posting any photos of my feeds, the first step is to organise the photoshoot. So how does it work exactly ? Well it’s not as simple as just randomly shooting some photos here and there. And while sometimes you might get a lucky shot the majority of the time there are actual steps to follow to get a successful photoshoot.

1. Get inspired

Before shooting anything you need to have the idea of what you want to shoot. This step is so important because it will determine the outcome of your photo. So get inspired :

  • Scroll on Pinterest, instagram save posts or create an album / moodboard of what you would like to create and do it as much as you can !

2. Identify what you want

Once you have your idea / moodboard look at it closely. What is it that you like in this moodpboard ? What is standing out ? What are the main colors that stands out ? This step will help you find :

  • The style of your shoot
  • The outfits
  • Where to shoot
  • The props (objects you use in the shooting to interact with) you are going to use

3. Schedule your shoot in Time and Space

Planning ahead the time of your shoot is the best ! What if you need other people to help ? The more you plan ahead the more you will be in control of your shoot. Check for the weather as it’s important.
Look ahead the technical aspects of how much material you need how you are going to carry everything etc.
Prepare your photography bag the day before your photoshoot. You do not want to have a flat battery when it’s time for action ! 

Download my ultimate checklist to prepare your camera bag here

4. Be smart with time ! 

The most important detail about photography is the light ! And the best lights in a day are sunrise, golden hour, and sunset. Why ? Because this is when the light is soft and diffused. Now you need  to be ready before that light is coming so come before so you have time to prepare.
The worst time to shoot is when the sun is high in the sky projecting harsh shadows (that would be between 12pm and 2pm)
Think also that during the day crowds are coming and going, the early mornings are usually more quiet and makes it easier to shoot.

5. Practise and try different angles

The best way to become great at doing something is to practise it. Let your creativity explode. Keep trying different angles and pauses until you are satisfied with what you created. Once you have your shot you can try something more spontaneous because believe or not sometimes the most unexpected photos turns out to be the best ones. But my advise would be to not over take pictures once you got what you want. When you over take pictures after achieving your goal pushing it further will make you fall into confusion and can make you feel that what you are doing is not good anymore. Learn to stop on a win!

6. Be efficient !

Once you are on the spot don’t just take your shot and leave. Take advantage of the set up you created and take different photos for your future content. You might have to change props, the angle of the shot and clothing. A few twists and here you go with a new photo ! Take as much as you can using this technique to have content ahead of you. Take behind the scene, stories, reels, drone shots take as much content as you can while you are on the spot. Believe me it’s extra work but it will make you feel efficient and productive and after a few times it will become absolutely normal for you to do that. 

Here are the key point for a successful photoshoot !