DAY 1-3

Windhoek  ⮕ The Kalahari Desert

280km - 2h45

Drive straight South to the Kalahari desert to Start your road trip
This destination is often missed while traveling in Namibia. 
I highly recommend you to explore this region when arriving in Namibia. 
You get to immerse yourself in the culture very fast and feel this amazing desert vibe. This step is the perfect location to relax and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Where to stay ?

$$ Anib Lodge, Gondwana - 2 nights

What to do ?
  • 🦒Do a safari to explore the desert, get to know the species and the desert life, end up with a spectacular sunset at the top of the dunes

  • 🚲Bicycle in the desert, rent an electric bicycle from the hotel and tour yourself around in the afternoon

  • 🦶🏾Meet the Bushman tribe, book with Bagatelle and discover the Bushman culture, get to know their culture and how they survived in the desert. Check out my Kalahari article for more informations

DAY 3-4

The Kalahari Desert  ⮕ Sesriem

310km - 3h40

Cross the country and see the landscape changing from the Kalahari Desert to the Namib desert
Sesriem is definitely the biggest highlight of the trip, you get to experience and feel the oldest desert of the world. Feel the silence the extreme natural conditions and the raw beauty of this place

Where to stay ?

1 night

$$$ - Dead Valley Lodge

$ - Sesriem Camp site

What to do ?
  • 💧Cool down at the pool and relax after your drive get some rest

  • 🌵Go for an early excursion of the Namib desert in the morning. See Sossusvlei with its dead trees and the big dunes before the sun hits too hard and the temperature rises

  • 🥾Hike up Big Daddy to have a 360 view of the immensity of the Desert

DAY 4-6

Sesriem ⮕ Swakopmund

343km - 4h30

Leave the Namib Desert and take the road to the coast.

✋🏼After 1h10 driving stop at Solitaire to see this very very tiny town. It’s on the road to the cost. Take pictures of the old cars and take a little break exploring it.

In Swakopmund refill and enjoy the oceanic weather and the ocean view.

Where to stay ?

$$ Plover Farm House Studios - 2 nights

What to do ?
  • 🌊 Drive the coast to Walvis Bay and explore the pink salt pans with the flamingos
  • 🧭Go for a trip to Sandwich harbor to see the other side of the Namib desert ending in the ocean. 
(Don’t self drive it’s very dangerous, you get easily get stuck with the tide)
Book a tour and enjoy the adventure. 
This activity is pricey but if you have a nice weather it is definitely worth it !

DAY 6-7

Swakopmund ⮕ Spitzkoppe 

150km - 1h40

Join back the center of Namibia and get to explore one of the most iconic park of the country

Where to stay ?

$ Spitzkoppe Camping - 1 nights

What to do ?
  • 🥾Hike up bushmen paradise in the morning with a local guide to know all of its secrets and history
  • 🦶Walk around the park or drive around if you can still enjoy to take your ca
  • 🌌Observe the beautiful sky, climb up a rock for sunrise or sunset and stare at the milky way at night


DAY 7-9

Spitzkoppe ⮕ Damaraland 

220km - 3h20

Go deeper in the country and enter the wildest part of the country : Damaraland, also known to be the most authentic part of Namibia.
We unfortunately booked too late and didn’t experience the best part of it.

Where to stay ?

2 nights

$$$ Camp Kipwe

$$ Madisa Camp

What to do ?
  • 🐘 See the elephants of the Deserts (or the Rhinos of the desert if you are lucky)
  • ⛰ Admire the mountains and the landscape 
  • 🖐🏾 See Twyfelfontein to see the prehistorical art 
  • 🦶🏾Meet the Himba tribe if you are lucky.
They are a Nomadic tribe you either met them on the road or not


DAY 9-11

Damaraland ⮕ Etosha

310km - 3h20

Take the road to Etosha ! Get on your way to see more wildlife and enjoy the raw beauty of Namibia

Where to stay ?

$$ Toshari Lodge - 1 night

What to do ?
  • 🐘 Get the most of your location and explore the newly conserved western part of Etosha especially in the green season
  • 🐾Play with the friendly mongooses of the hotel
  • 💧 Enjoy the pool and rest before exploring Etosha the whole next day

DAY 11-13


200km - Full day Safari

Explore Etosha and its animals ! My tips are : wake up early animals go out when the weather is cooler and before sunset.
Don’t waste too much time on tiny dirt roads surprisingly the biggest encounter we did were from the main road.
However we saw a Rhino and Leopard on a tiny road ;) so try to balance these two

Where to stay ?

2 nights

$$$ Onkoshi Camp

Namutoni camp

What to do ?
  • 🦁 Do a full day safari and take as much pictures as you can


DAY 13-14

Etosha ⮕ Windhoek

530km - 5h10

Appreciate the tarred road and the silence of driving 😆 and join back Windhoek to end your trip 

Where to stay ?

$$ Livega - 1 night

What to do ?
  • 🍃Relax 

  • 🧳 Pack your suitcase 
  • 🌍 Reconnect with the world