We explored Namibia for 3 weeks and loved some the places we stayed in.

These are the 3 stays I would personally recommend to stay in Namibia and why. 

I paid for all of these accommodations and just share it as a happy customer.




🛏 Kalahari Anib Lodge - Gondwana

💰 $$

I wanted to explore the Kalahari and this hotel is ideally situated for this. It's deep enough in the desert to experience it fully and accessible enough to move on to the next destination smoothly. The hotel is surrounded by the desert.

  • 💧 They installed waterholes in the desert around the hotel, this way you can see a lot of animal coming to drink during the day and especially after dinner
  • It's Ostrich Paradise, we saw them everywhere and even walking in the alleys of the hotel.
  • 🦓 They offer variety of activities to enjoy the desert and get to know more about this region 
    • Game Drive with an experienced guide, bike rides, hikes...
  • 🛏 The Room was very comfortable, restaurant was great and they have 2 pools : a big one and a smaller one facing the desert from where you can observe the animals that come to drink


🛏 Dead Valley Lodge - Sesriem Camp

💰 $$$

If it's in your budget book it and enjoy the Namib desert in ideal luxury

  • 🧭 The location is amazingly placed in Sesriem camp and is the closest to the entrance gate to the National park first hour in the morning
  • 👌 The design is one of the most beautiful I have seen. There is a lot of details put into this place which makes it very magical
  • ⛺️ The tents are very comfortable, you have a 4 star equipment inside and the view over the desert is priceless
  • The have the strongest wifi I have ever seen in Namibia right in the middle of the desert !
  • The pool is located on the edge of the hotel surrounded by the dunes, You can even see some Oryx from the pool if you are there while they come drink nearby.
  • The restaurant was exceptional offering great options in the buffet for everyone vegetarian friendly and local food included.


🛏 Onkoshi - Etosha

💰 $$$

  • ⛺️ You stay right in Etosha National Park in these amazing elevated huts
  • 🚿 There is an outside shower in your hut to refresh yourself facing the savanna
  • 👁 You have a view of Etosha Pan from your bed and you are fully protected by the Mosquito net (which makes it very romantic by the way)
  • 🦁 You get to be fully immersed in the Savanna but comfortable at the same time (they say you get to hear lions at night sometimes)
  • 🍴 The chef was great !
  • 🐘 They have a pool where Elephants can show up and drink from. If you are lucky to see them you can make amazing memories there.
  • 📸 You get to have a look of the savanna before the sun rises and so you have a chance to spot rare animals from your balcony before they go hide for the day