AUSTRIA - Hallstatt travel Guide

Hallstatt is a dream city to visit in Austria and I would absolutely recommend going there. Here are all my tips to enjoy your visit in Hallstatt

1. Visit Hallstatt in less touristic season (avoid holidays and week-ends) 

We visited Hallstatt during the pandemic and we were very lucky to have to whole village for ourselves and to witness the local life. We realized how luck we were when after exiting the village we saw 6 car park with +150 spots each. It only gave us an idea of how crowded it can be. 
🗓  So I would recommend avoiding the weekends and Holidays when you visit. Hallstatt is a small village and I can only imagine how uncomfortable it must be come in peak season.

2. Sleep outside of the city 

💶  Like every other touristic place the prices of hotels to sleep inside Hallstatt are quite up. Because the cars cannot come in it's also more organisation to bring your suitcases to the hotel. 

For that reason I would recommend you to sleep outside of Hallstatt and go there on a day trip. 

♥️ I would recommend you to sleep in Haus Salzkammergut the hosts are so lovely and the rooms very comfortable and cosy. You can park your car there as well. 

3. Park outside of Hallstatt

The earliest you arrive to closer you can park to the village and the easier to access. Don't worry if you end up far they have shuttles to bring you in town as part of your parking ticket. A day ticket costs 15€.

If you manage to come completely off season there is a free car park inside the tunnel that leads to the centre of the village. When we visited we could leave the car there and we got one of the best view to shoot a photo over the city from the stairs.

4. Admire the beautiful little streets and shops 

Hallstatt is only made of tiny streets and cute houses. Ask permission to go on a dock to see the swans most of them are private property and local people live here. Imagine their frustration to find tourists in their garden all year around.

5. Be careful with the Swans

🦢 They are not famous to be nice animals and can be quite aggressive so make sure to not come to close

6. Visit the cemetery

It sounds creepy but honestly it is absolutely gorgeous place that is very colourful 

7. Take lots of photos !

📸 Get your famous photo from the turn of the road at the end of the village. Every corner of this city is beautiful and photogenic so take advantage of it and have a nice exploration.


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