10 Reasons to Visit Austria

1. The landscape is breathtaking

Austria and especially the region of Tyrol has incredible landscape to offer. You are in the heart of the Alps and Nature takes over. From forests, to mountains and lakes you will find incredible views.

2. It’s not an overpriced destination 

Compare to the neighbours Austria is a cheaper destination. The cost of hospitality is reasonable and you will find that most of the places you will want to visit are free. You simply pay to park your car and the access to the mountains and lakes is free. 

3. It’s not crowded 

Austria is not as touristic as Bavaria, Switzerland or the Dolomites and the positive impact of this is you get to share the sites with fewer people. You will also realise a lot of locals enjoy visiting their own country. It doesn't require a lot of logistic to visit a place and it's rather easy to explore. In many occasions we decided last minute to go somewhere and we had the place for ourselves. We never experienced any traffic when out of the cities.

4. It is ideally located for day trips on the border countries

The geographic situation of Austria makes it ideal to visit the best of what every neighbour country has to offer. You will only drive up to a few hours and be in Bavaria Germany, Dolomites in Italy, Bled in Slovenia or even Switzerland. It is perfect to make day trips and get the most out of your stay.

5. It’s a welcoming country

Austrian have the sense of hospitality, for me this is very important when travelling to a country. There is nothing worst that not feeling welcomed when you travel somewhere. Every Austrian we met were really happy to see us exploring their country and the service as restaurants and hotels was always excellent. Most Austrians we met spoke English and were able to help us anytime.

6. There are a lot of Activities to do 

You can never get bored in Austria ! There is so much to do and for everyone, we found that Austrians are very active and enjoy outdoor activities in family.
You can hike, sky, swim, paraglide, climb and so much more ! Their cities are rich of history and culture. They have so many museums and art is a big part of the culture. 

7. They have great food specialties 

Austrian cuisine is really rich ! They have amazing food to try from their apple pies on the sweet side to their cheese dishes if you prefer savoury. I confess to eat there is a carb killer but since you will be hiking and exploring around there is no guilt in trying out everything.  

8. You can visit all year around

Every season is great to visit and has something different to offer. Spring is amazing with the valley covered in flowers, summer is perfect to paraglide, autumn gives you amazing color palettes, and winter is ideal for skying ! You can keep visiting Austria at different time of the year and get a different experience every time.

9. The Architecture and culture is incredible 

They have incredible architecture, from the grandiose cities to the cutest cabins in the mountains you will love it ! It really feels like walking in a animation movie.

10. It is authentic

When you visit Austria you quickly realise it wasn't altered for tourism. Even the Hallstatt village that is very touristic is locally populated, normal people live there year around. Every place you will go to is completely authentic to the culture and it's amazing to see.

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