Eibsee - Germany's hidden gem

Eibsee is my favorite place to visit in Germany. 

If I tell you turquoise water you will probably not think of Germany and yet the most beautiful lake I ever visited is in Bavaria 

What to expect ? 

Eibsee is a mountain lake surrounded by forest at the bottom of Germany highest mountain 🏔 . The water is a beautiful turquoise color and the lake has many islands. 

You can enjoy many activities there depending on the season : 

  • 🥾 Hiking
  • 🏊  Swimming
  • 🚲 Bike trail
  • 🚣‍♀️ Pedal / Row Boat Rental
  • 🐶 Pet friendly
  • 🚫 No camping ⛺️ and no campfire 🔥 

When to visit ?

You can visit Eibsee year around and you will get a complete different experience.

❄️ In Winter : Eibsee is really cold, the sun is pretty low behind the mountain in the morning at that time of the year. You can find the lake frozen on the edges until 1pm, the sun then rises above and melts the shores. For this reason I would recommend visiting after lunch but you also take the risk to be with more people.
If you decide to visit at that time you can expect fog and clouds to block the view, you could also get lucky and get a frozen sunny weather. In any case bring warm clothes : gloves, warm socks and a thermos are a must ! 

🌸  In Spring Eibsee can still be a bit chilly but so much warmer so bring layers, you will get hot as you will hike and you can be cold once in the shadow.

🌞 Summer is a very popular and many people visit and spend the day in family, it's the most popular season to swim !

🍁 Fall is an in between season, pick a sunny day to enjoy the view over the mountains and choose to go in the week to get the place for yourself. The color of the trees make the lake even more magical

How much does it cost ? 

💶  The car park cost is 4,5€ and they accept cash/card payments. There is no other entrance fee. 

Where is the best view point ?

There are many nice viewpoint and beautiful forest paths. To reach the famous view over the islands you will need to walk to the second fjord and from that point and get off track and cut in the forest to reach the beach and walk along it until you reach that point 

Can I go up on the mountain from there ? 

🚠  Absolutely ! You can go to Zugspitze via the cable cars for 49,5€ / per person. You can also go up from Austria as the mountain is at the border between both countries. ☁️ Make sure the sky is clear to enjoy view.


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