There is no doubt that we all see those Maldives photo all over Instagram, so if you plan on going I made you the ultimate bucket list of IG shots to take in the Maldives 

  • A floating breakfast

The ultimate tropical breakfast. Order it the day before and pick up colorful fruits and juices for the extra pop of color.

  • A sunset cruise

A classic, there is no better view than the sun fading away in the middle of the ocean especially when you are there.

  • A lounge / pool / beach chill time

Try to find the most minimalistic spot ideally with a touch of color for the ultimate relaxing effect

  • Stairs to the lagoon

There is no better effect than stairs going straight to the ocean. Shoot from above with the perspective of the stairs inviting you to the water

  • Infinite pool or pool by the ocean

Get the effect that the pool keeps on going to the ocean by shooting low just above the water of the pool

  • Pier photos

An emblematic photo of the Maldives is the cute little piers above the reefs. Choose one that makes a leading line for the ultimate perspective.

  • Lagoon hammock / bungalow hammock

To get this one you need a Water bungalow. A lot of hotels in the Maldives have them.

  • Seeplane shot

If you pick a hotel that is too far to use a speed boat and not far enough to take a domestic flight you will probably arrive by Seeplane. Don't miss the opportunity to take a shot

📸 : @Lisahomsy

  • Beach Cinema

You can book a projection on the beach in most of the Hotels. You want to book it around sunset for the colors and because you will need low light to see what's on the screen but enough light to see that you are on a beach 

📸 : @Hilvees

  • Full villa drone

If you have the chance to book a full villa or bungalow don't forget to shoot it from above 

📸 @Alexpreview

  • Phytoplankton

The magical plankton which twinkles with the waves at night. You will need a low moon on autumn season and some luck to catch it on camera. It's a night shot, you will need a tripod to have a sharp image.

📸  @pinterest

  • In land villa

In land villas are actually the most luxurious with a private access to the beach snap a shot of the beauty it is


📸 : @saltinyourhair

  • Swing by the beach

An easy shot if you pick the right time of the tide 

  • Palm shadow

This one is harder than it looks, you will need to shoot when the sun is the highest for a strong shadow and you will need a nice palm leave which is close to the ground to have a sharp shadow.

  • Coconut 🥥

I don't know anyone for who coconuts don't scream tropical paradise, it's one of the easiest prop to get at your hotel. (And please to take plastic straw)

  • Bicycle photo

Ideally place the bicycle on the pier or shoot while on it

  • Lagoon photo / beach palmtrees

Try to find a good composition, if you can incorporate a Palm tree it would be perfect

  • Drone shots over the water / beach

The Maldives have the most beautiful colors of water, don't miss an above shot 

  • Underwater restaurant

There are a few places in the Maldives with an underwater restaurant / bedroom the most famous is at the Conrad hotel. 


📸 : @aggie

  • Half up / under water shot

For this shot you will need a photography dome to be able to shoot both sides under and above water 

📸 : @debiflue