What to wear for the Maldives

If you wonder what you should pack to visit the Maldives I got you covered, here is everything you need know :

  • Something light and full length for your arrival and departure

On arrival / departure wear something light and full length. The Maldives is a conservative country don't show up in mini shorts and low cleavage top. I would recommend something such as a long flowy pant for the bottom and a light top with a shirt on top of it to cover your arms and shoulders. Or a long skirt with conservative top.

    • It's comfortable for the plane 
    • It's warm enough for the A/C on board 
    • It's light enough on arrival and formal 
    • It's also protective for your skin to not get an immediate sunburn on your first day

Photo Credit :  @andicsinger

  • Light colors

White and light colors contrast well with the blue shades of the Maldives landscape

    • It renders well on photos 
    • It's also sun reflective and doesn't attract the light as much and keep you less hot

  • Lots of swimsuits

You will spend most of your days in the water between the swimming pool and the ocean. Pack multiple swimsuits as you might need to even change during the day (ie : going to the restaurant for lunch). Don't restrain packing swimsuits you will need more than one. 

    • I packed a few bikinis and a one piece to get a unifying tan and not end up with the same mark for the whole week.

  • Large clothing

When visiting a tropical country I like to pack large and flowy clothing and not so much tight clothes

    • Large clothing are more breathable, it's already hot and humid you don't want to sweat more than necessary because of a tight dress
    • Your skin will most likely be sensitive with all the sun and salt water. Even with a good coating of sunscreen your skin will probably take a lot of sun and there is nothing worse than wearing tight clothes when you have a sunburn or sun sensitive skin.

  • Shorts to bicycle

In most islands your transportation will be your bicycle, think to pack some shorts or something convenient for it.

  • Little dresses

Little dresses are for me the perfect items to pack as it's a no brainer, no need to think of what pairing with what. Put on your dress and you are all set.

  • Linen

I love wearing linen on tropical destinations, it dries fast it's lightweight and very elegant. The only thing you need to think of is to take a steamer with you because it crumples very easily in your suitcase.

  • A large t-shirt

It will be your best ally if you decide to snorkel between 10 am and 3pm. At this time the sun is burning and a good coating of sunscreen (ocean friendly of course) will protect you for good minutes but not for hours. You get marvelled by all the ocean beauties and forget that your back is facing the sun all the time, the waves are slowly washing away the sunscreen and the reflection is strong. Well if you just swim with a large t-shirt you are safe from ruining the rest of your holidays with a back sunburn. And don't worry you will have plenty of occasions to tan another time if you want to.

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  • Flip flops

A good pair of flip-flops, sandals, mules you want something easy to put on and remove. The piers and decks will be burning during the day.

  • Hats

I think you got the point, the sun is no joke in the Maldives so you might as well get fashionable with it and pack a few hats, caps for your trip.

  • A waterproof bag

Protect your phone, camera and others from the humidity and the sand and keep them safe in a waterproof bag. 

    • It flattens very easily in a suitcase
    • I like to put a pareo or a scarf at the bottom to avoid the camera inside knocking on the surface they are landed on. It makes a comfy pillow inside for extra protection.

  • A light shirt on top of your swimsuit

The ultimate glamorous effortless beach outfit it to put on a light open white shirt on top of your swimsuit. Don't ask me why but it does the trick 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • A few night outfits

Most of the hotels in the Maldives are very chic, you don't want to arrive at night at the restaurant with nothing classy to wear. I packed a few night outfits in my suitcase as well. Like a pair of sandal wedges for example.