Green clay fixes almost everything ! I learned this trick from my around the world trip. It has absorbent properties. I buy it in organic shops in beauty section - make sure it’s 100% clay.
  • It helps your guts : Not sure about the food you just ate ? Too hot temperatures ? Ate something too spicy ?
Take some clay as soon as you spot your intestine growling. 
I know it’s not very glamour but it actually saves you massive dehydration if you get to have diarrhea while traveling. Swallow a little rock with water and only repeat if it didn’t fix it after at least 3 hours.
 ⚠️ Don’t abuse it or you will get constipated use it lightly.
  • It as antiseptic properties : I put a little rock under my tongue and let it melt (it’s disgusting) when I have anginas and within 2 days doing this it goes away.
    • It’s also a good alternative to plaster if you don’t have one with you or if you ran out of it. Add a bit of water to it and make a thick paste apply on your wounds. Of course it doesn’t replace sewing point if you injured yourself badly. It’s only an alternative to a normal plaster use.
  • It’s good for your skin, mix a rock with water and use it as a face mask. Use this paste on your scalp before your shampoo if you have greasy hair it will help refresh your roots
  • It absorbs mosquito bites and prevent scratching, apply as a clay plaster on top of it

 The Clay I am using is this one :


I use this online bank when I travel, it saves me so much fees ! There are other banks which offers similar services but this is the one I picked and I love it!

  • They have a free card : I don’t pay for my card it’s totally free. You just pay for delivery and it arrives within a week.
It can seem tricky when you order if you can’t see how to get it for free contact their chat they will guide you.
  • Free cash withdrawal internationally up to 200€ per month: and 2% fees above
  • Free card payments internationally in 140 countries
  • Free Bank transfers worldwide no fees.
  • Control everything from your phone with the app, create your pin, lock and unlock your card, change your code 24/7 chat support.

How does it work ?

Make a bank transfer on your revolut card, and then create accounts per currency. Transfer your usual money on the new currency account and when you get to pay with the card you pay in the local currency : no fees !
They always exchange you the money on the interbank rate. Above 6000€ of exchange per month they only take 0,5% transaction fees.


Get your Revolut card here :



I buy electronics from all around the world and I hate to have different adapters to carry with me to charge all of my devices.

  • It gives me 6 international plugs + 4 usb chargers at one time
  • I only need one adapter for this multi-plug and anything else charges on it
    • I can plug anything on it like my bedside lamp for example and charge my devices at the same time whatever the country I go to. (Except type M plugs which are too big and require special adapters)
  • It costs around $20 on amazon
  • It’s one of my best investments 




I am a vitamin preacher, from my travel experiences it changes everything. Your body needs it to function and you don’t stock on this easily by eating, unfortunately in most countries the quality of the food is too degraded nowadays to nourish you fully, especially plane food… 😂

Also I use quality brand vitamins as most of the vitamins you can buy in pharmacies are half cut with powder or sometimes even sugar. I use brands like, Vitalbulk, G&G, Solgar to mention a few.
Vitamin E : restores you skin, especially when you travel somewhere cold or hot it keeps it comfortable. It’s also a vitamin you easily burn in altitude so taking your dosage help reducing tiredness in high destinations.

  • Vitamin C : my best friend ! I am talking real vitamin C not sweets to chew : I take 1000mg caps. You start feeling tired during the day ? Runny nose ? Feeling weak ? I don’t wait for it to pass because it won’t. I take vitamin C immediately. And if it’s too late and I am sick I stop eating sugar take 1g/hour (it’s useless to take more you will urinate it) within 2 days I am fine again.
  • Potassium, do you have headaches when you take the sun too much ? Take potassium because it’s a mineral you sweat a lot when it’s hot 🥵 Your body then misses it and give you a wonderful headache. When I travel to hot or tropical countries I take potassium daily. Taking salt when it’s hot also helps keeping your body hydration.






  • I believe my eyes are precious and I am not planning on hurting them,
  • I get sunglasses with UVA/ UVB, polarizing treatment.
  • Cheap sunglasses are cool to style but against the sun rays you want protection.
  • You can find average prices sunglasses with these corrections you don’t have to buy designers to have this.




  • If you didn’t know about it chemicals in sunscreen destroy the tiny algae in the corals which keeps them alive. When this dies the corals turns white and die.
  • I protect my skin from the sun with a sunscreen which is not harmful for coral reef
  • It's even available on oil substances form nowadays and are just like your regular sunscreen
  • It protects exactly as conventional sunscreens 🧴














  • It keeps all my valuables dry if I go to the beach on a boat trip or any activity which includes water 💦
  • It’s dust, sand and mud proof
  • It’s very compact and take no space in your luggage
  • It’s very resistant and can endure hikes and weight
  • It comes in any sizes and colors
  • It’s durable
  • It’s pickpocket-proof 😆 : I cary this bag when I go to markets or places which are crowded where I am exposed to thefts.
    • You cannot strip the bag away it’s crossbody
    • You cannot easily cut it
    • You place your valuables inside at the bottom you roll the top and clip it to close, there is no way to put a hand inside. Once you clipped it the bag is secure.




  • It’s free
  • Download the map of the country you are heading towards before leaving or do it with the airport wifi.
  • Maps me gives you everything you need while traveling ATM, Restaurants near by, gas stations, touristic sites etc…
  • You always have a reliable gps and you can compare it between google maps and depending on the country can be better better than the other so it’s good to have both.
  • Maps me also gives you the hiking trails and is quite accurate.
  • I can save spots on the map when someone advise visiting something or If I need to go to a specific address. It is saved in the app and cannot loose it.


  • It’s free
  • I can find my flight easily with the time and the company
  • I can save my upcoming trip and check the status of my flight
  • It notifies my of delays and changes of hours
  • I look up when I have wifi to have the infos before leaving
  • It gives me the terminal I have to go to, no more puzzled face when the taxi driver asks me which terminal I need to go to. 
I look in my app and tell him.
  • Also if I need to pick up someone I can track exactly the arrival terminal and if the plane was delayed or canceled.


A tweezer is the most precise tool to remove any splinter or thorns.
I also use it for various situations which requires more precision than my finger and nails, removing something stuck etc…

Ear plugs
Ear plugs are a must if the place you sleep is noisy and if noise isolation is terrible.
Ear plugs are also great if your take night rides (plane, train, bus) 🚌



  • There is nothing worst than buying any new pair of shoes and ruin your feet with it. The Blister Plaster is your friend !
  • It’s waterproof
  • It relieves instantly
  • It heals and take itself off when the healing process is complete. Don’t pull it if it didn’t fall by itself. Just cut the edge if it’s lifting off your skin.
  • It doesn’t only works on Blisters but for any cuts and little wounds.
  • Rub it between your hands to warm it, place it on clean dry skin. And the job is initiated, keep on enjoying your journey the plaster will take care of it.
I use the brand Compeed they are indestructible and it never failed me.


    #12. BETADINE GEL- 

    • It’s a great antiseptic for wounds
    • Once you open it you can keep it longer than liquid Betadine which is disposable.
    • The advantage of Betadine gel is that it pulls elements up the surface of the skin like a slow vacuum.
      • This is amazing if you have sand or tiny pieces of rocks in your wounds
      • Coral reef scratches and wounds are a pain in the ass to heal because it’s very sharp and the tiny algae that lives on the coral gets inside your skin when you cut yourself with it. The Betadine get will pull up this tiny organism to the surface and healing is so much faster and don’t stay infected long.
    • Leave a thick coat on the wound and let it do its job. Bandage on top of it and repeat regularly.
    • ⚠️ It stains, it’s dark orange / Yellow use it neatly.



    • It’s natural and kicks up you immune system
    • I use it when I start to be sick and it helps so much.
    • It’s amazing for colds / Throat infections
    • I take it in caps and in spray for the throat
    • It relieves quickly and you feel it attacking these microbes.



    • I empty it before passing security at the airport
    • I fill it up at the fountain in the terminal before boarding in the plane.
    • I use this instead of plastic bottles as much as I can and refill at my hotel
    • It’s more durable and it’s cheaper


    • I take 5 pellets under my tongue when I knock myself somewhere to limit bruises and swelling. I take it regularly until it’s gone. Usually just a few days : I change dosage as the time goes.
    • I have 3 different dosages :
      • 5ch (green) : The collision just happened.
      • 9ch (blue) : The collision happened a few hours ago
      • 15ch (purple) : The shock happened more than a day ago and is more general.







    • Crumpled clothes when you unpack ? Your shirts and nice clothing looks awful ? I don’t like it either. Especially that it instantly down grade your look and it’s not nice on photos
    • It is simpler than ironing: you simply add a bit of water plug it and steam everything
    • Neat clothing no matter how often you pack and unpack



    • I don’t always travel in countries where periods are a open subject and there is no way I will pack boxes of tampons and pads it takes to much space especially If I leave for multiple month or if \i get my periods unexpectedly
    • I don’t always travel to places where I can dispose traditional menstrual products especially if I go hiking or on a trek in the jungle.
    • It’s inexpensive and durable, I bought mine 3 years ago and they are still going strong. Not a cent spent on this since then.
    • I have :
      • a cup
      • 5 washable pads
      • A period underwear
    • It only needs water and soap, sterilize the cup at the end of each cycle bu boiling it for 15 minutes.
    • It takes 0 space in my luggage and I am always prepared.