Maxis are your best friends for multiple reasons : 

  • There are practical, you usually don't get to walk long distances as Safari's are in National parks and you will usually cover the distance with a car
  • It is breathable, the temperatures are hot and Maxi dresses and skirts actually makes to sweat less than a mini short while sitting in the 4x4
  • The length is appropriate to travel in Africa and meet tribes and different cultures
  • Your legs are protected from mosquitos and sunburns
  • It's very stylish and easy to wear
    • Put on your dress and you are ready to go 
    • Mix and match your maxi skirt with different tops to wear it multiple times


The shirt is the versatile item you want to stock on when you travel for a safari

  • It's very breathable it's large enough to be comfortable to wear and limits sweat (provided that you wear it slightly loos or oversized)
  • It goes with everything, maxi skirts, shorts, denim...
  • You can roll your sleeves up during the day to cool down and roll them down at the end of the day when the temperatures drop to protect you from mosquitoes
  • It's very photogenic



Now on this one I would not say it's an easy everyday outfit : 

  • ➕It's a very easy item you wear it and your outfit is done ! 

  • ➕If you pick one with a light fabric and a wide design it will be the most comfortable outfit you could wear 

  • ➕ It's a safe clothing piece which is appropriate and is not offensive to wear

  • ➖ Bathroom wise it's the worst as one piece also means that when you need to go to the loo you end up naked. On a Safari trip bathroom occasions are not always practical and if you are uncertain of their access I would recommend to wear something else.



  • Canvas pants are breathable
  • The most comfortable to wear
  • Very appropriate to wear
  • Very protective regarding the sun and bugs
  • It’s very resistant and doesn’t damage with friction and dust
  • It always looks good on a safari destination



  • It’s very fashionable and matches any outfit
  • It protects you from the heat and the sun
  • It’s forgiving when your hairstyle in not on point, you will drive a lot you hair will take a lot of wind and dust, it gets easily greasy your hat is the perfect cover up to stay glamorous in rudimentary conditions
  • Mongoose like them (at least this one) 


If your area is not mosquito sensitive, large linen shorts are awesome !

  • It’s very breathable and comfortable, it’s quite forgiving with friction your legs will not rash at the end of the day from walking with them. (Check that the sewing is properly done and that the thread is not uncomfortable inside you laps)
  • You can tan a little bit wearing them you legs have a chance to build up melanin
  • It’s very versatile and goes with a lot of outfits
  • It’s the perfect explorer item



  • Take some cute tops to wear them with your bottoms
  • Choose a light fabric which will dry fast
  • Get creative with the volumes to match your style, I like to have balloon sleeves, tank tops, crop tops
  • I like to choose different fabrics from, linen, coton, thread kit…
  • You arms gets to tan a bit and feel the wind it’s very refreshing if the sun doesn’t strike to harsh



  • To start with you will always match the surroundings and it’s easier to mix and match your pieces when they are all in the same neutral tones
  • That allows you to be discreet and blend yourself in the savanna: it’s easier to approach animals with neutral colors especially if you planned on a walking safari
  • It’s very forgiving dust wise and will not look off as soon as you sit somewhere dusty especially beige and browns colors
  • Black colors will attract the heat and make you unnecessary hot
  • White is beautiful but pretty messy to keep spotless, this is a color I love to wear when I know it will not be too dusty


  • The scarf is your ally when your wear sleeveless tops, it covers you from the cooler temperatures when it drops and reduce mosquito exposure at the end of the day, it covers you from the sun if it gets too hot.
  • If you do a game drive on an elevated 4 x 4 the wind will blow strong and you really take every bit of it in the face. You will freeze believe me I regretted not taking a scarf with me. The reason is also that you drive right after sunrise or sunset and the savanna gets fresh during this time especially when the before the sun rises and after sunset when you come back to your camp.


  • It’s waterproof if you visit during the rainy season
  • It’s dust proof and it’s resistant
  • It’s light to pack, it rolls and compress super easily in your luggage.
  • Roll it as a pillow if you want to rest during your day at some point
  • It keeps you very warm for the 4 x 4 elevated safaris and nights. You will love having it especially if you camp in the savanna



It doesn’t seem linked to a safari at first but it’s useful

  • You ride on the savanna the whole day absorb dust and warm weather, you will sweat and be hot. Taking a swim is a blessing when you come back to your camp. If your camp as a pool you will regret not packing a swimsuit and enjoy that fresh water.
  • It depends of your destination : if your guide leads you to a waterfall having a bath suit is a must
  • If you are on a bush walk and get to cross rivers you want to feel comfortable with a swimsuit which dries faster than a classic underwear


Even tough most of the time sneakers or sandals are really versatile, you want to take a pair of styles boots with you

  • It protects your ankles and feet if you go on a walking safari, the plants in the savanna can be quite harsh and not gentle on your skin, plus you are protected from any animal / insect bites.
  • It’s very stylish
  • It resists to mud and dust
  • It’s warm when the temperatures drops
  • Mosquitoes love to bite you around the ankle, with a pair of boot 🥾 they are screwed.


You want to stock on these and have more than usually

  • It gets hot during the day you will want to change and refresh yourself more than usually
  • It’s not always possible to wash or do your little laundry and wash them regularly
  • Pack comfortable underwear there is nothing worse in a safari than being uncomfortable with hurting undies. For a safari especially when you go for game drives or long walk choose comfort over aesthetics ;)