Tips to visit Saint Emilion

Where to eat in Town ?

The best address in town is Chai Pascal! A small restaurant with the best french cuisine light and flavourful! Book there ahead to have table you won't regret it.

Avoid Visiting in High Season

August and July are the summer holidays in France and as you will discover it soon enough Saint-Émilion is very small and narrow. So going there in the top season with all the crowd will not allow you to enjoy it fully. Visit in April, May or June before the peak season or after in September. 

Wear comfortable shoes

The pavement is old polished stones which are slippery, the streets are steep and the steps are irregular. You don't want to slip and get blisters with uncomfortable / unpractical shoes there. Trust me I wore my summer sandals and the sole was so new that I would slip each step I took! I walked down barefoot it was safer 🤣

When buying wine don't go to the reseller in Town

Buying wine from the reseller boutiques in town is not the smartest option, if you really don't have a lot of time on the spot it's fine but if you have a couple days go to the producer. Don't miss exploring the chateaux the tasting and visits.

The best wine in the region for a affordable price is Chateau Coutet, this domain has always been organic with a traditional knowledge using horses to refresh the ground. It's our favourite wine ever go there it won't disappoint.

The Bakery at the bottom entrance is great!

Need snacks, breakfast or just a quick lunch? The bakery down the village is amazing! The bread is incredible and they provide fast meal options that are great! Plus next to it there is a hidden vine you can see : Check my blog post to find where it is and not miss anything in Saint Emilion 

It's worth visiting the Church or take a visit of the town before sunset 

The village has so much history and the Church is so special! It's carved in the stone and is underground. There is a whole part of the city that is underground and you can explore this by taking a quick tour on the official website.