10 Things to see in Saint Emilion - France

Saint-Émilion is a famous wine, but there is more to see than a glass of tasteful wine with this name... It's an amazing small french village situated in South West of France. Here is what to see :

1. 📍 Place du Clocher

The viewpoint on the top part of the Village you can access it easily from the top parking 

  • 🚘  Park at the top and don't forget to pay for your parking to avoid a ticket. On certain days and hours it's free check on the pay-machine it will let you know.
  • 👟 Walk 2 minutes toward this inside of the village 

2. 📍 Cloitre de l'Eglise Collegiale

A beautiful cloister right in the middle of the city it's a very serene and quiet place.

  • 💰 It's free! Just enjoy!

3. 📍 Rue du Tertre de la Tente

The cutest street of the village, careful it's steep. You will have the famous view over the restaurant Logis de la Cadène. 

  • 👟 ⚠️  It's extra slippery the pavement is made of very old polished stones

4. 📍 L'Eglise Monolithe

That beautiful church from the XI century (yeah year 1000+!). You will never see a church like this, most of it is carved in the rocks and is underground! They built the rest of the church at the surface. If you want to visit it go on the official website  and book a visit.

  • ⏰  10h30 - 15h00 - 17h30
  • ⏳ 30 mins
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 40 People
  • 💰 9€ for adults - Free for kids

5. 📍 Porte de la Cadène

The famous arch is actually an older gate to the city! It makes a perfect frame for photos 👍🏼

6. 📍Parc Guadet

Beautiful Ruins remaining in the middle of vines it makes great sunset photos! I don't think you can go inside but the view is spectacular. 

7. 📍Gates to a private vine

Photogenic spot, for this one you need to park before you take the narrow road in between the vines you won't be able to stop just in front of it. 

8. 📍View over la Madeleine

One of the most beautiful view around Saint-Émilion and the prettiest domain we saw around.

9. 📍Hidden Vine in Town

Make a right turn after the Bakery down the Village, you will follow a small path and discover a Vine right in town. 

  • ⚠️  The crops belong to the cultivator never pick leaves/ fruits or damage in anyway the vine! Snap your photo but please don't damage or alter the field in anyway for your photos. Avoid walking too close from the roots.

10. Stay at private domain

We enjoyed our stay during a wedding at Chateau de la Garde and enjoyed the beautiful architecture of the place.  

11. Take a day trip to Bordeaux

Bordeaux is a beautiful big city only 30mins away for Saint-Émilion. Take a day trip and explore the town and it's amazing place de la Bourse with the water mirror.