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The SPRING preset bundle is the ultimate compilation of presets from our spring packages. This bundle includes  7 packages. 
We made this pack for you to have all our iconic pastel and colorful presets in one bundle. This bundle is therefore very versatile and will work like wonder on portraits, lifestyle, fashion, and themed photos giving you a pastel sophisticated look.
The presets inside each pack are delivered as DNG files for mobile use, and as .xmp files for Huawei and desktop users
Each package contains at least 4 presets, we designed them so that you will always find one of them that will suit the photo you would like to boost.

Inside the pack you will find a total of 44 Presets :
    California is the first pastel pack we launched with pink and turquoise hues. It contains 8 presets with variations from softer pastel effect to more colorful tones.

    It contains :


    Our purple pack to bring your the perfect lilac spring vibes, we made this pack with variations on our presets from very subtle undertones to bolder purple boost. This pack features 8 presets.

    It includes :
    - LILAC 1
    - LILAC 2
    - LILAC 3
    - LILAC 4
    - LILAC 5
    - LILAC 6
    - LILAC 7
    - LILAC 8
    Our pastel best seller! The Milkshake is the perfect pack to give you pink tones from lighter to stronger pink and suit your needs. This pack is one of the first we created and will benefit from a free update to add 4 new presets to it very soon. 

    Inside it you will find :
    - BABY PINK 
    - BLUSH
    - PETAL
    - ROSE 

    The perfect pack to bring a pastel green touch to your photos, green tones can be challenge to edit especially when it comes to pastel shades.  This pack is subject a free update and will benefit from 4 new presets very soon. 

    It includes:
    - JADE
    - MINT
    - SAGE

    Give a soft peach tone to your photos and is ideal for your portraits and lifestyle photos.  This pack is subject a free update and will benefit from 4 new presets very soon. 

    It features :
    - PEACH 1
    - PEACH 2
    - PEACH 3
    - PEACH 4
    The ideal pack for the spring season to enhance the greens and white with a very subtle editing. This pack became a favorite on its launching week. This pack includes 8 presets.

    - SPRING 1
    - SPRING 2
    - SPRING 3
    - SPRING 4
    - SPRING 5
    - SPRING 6
    - SPRING 7
    - SPRING 8

    These presets are a real sunshine for your photos, they are the perfect color pop with a variation of presets from softer effect to a nice pop of color for your photos. It includes 8 presets :

    - YELLOW 1
    - YELLOW 2
    - YELLOW 3
    - YELLOW 4
    - YELLOW 5
    - YELLOW 6
    - YELLOW 7
    - YELLOW 8

✔ Handmade with love   We put all our heart into creating presets

- You get our skills and the finest details from our years of experience in photography editing. 

- You get a preset that have been tested on our users photos with all type of complexions.

- You get lifetime updated presets. This means that when you get a preset from us you will benefit from the free updates. 

✔ Instant Download  No need to wait as soon as your payment went through you receive your download link directly by email and you can start installing the presets right away to use them.

✔ One time payment - Lifetime access you only pay once to use your presets for as long as you want.

✔ Our 5-star reviews we are very thankful to each and everyone of you who take the time to share their experience and beautiful photos. Sharing your photos brings more live examples of the presets and helps everyone, it also allow us to see how you use the preset and inspire us.

✔ Why sho
uld you choose us ?  We care about you ☺️  
When you reach out you get an answer within a couple of hours with active personal support. 
We listen to you when you have an idea to improve our services 
When you join the Loox team we consider you are joining our adventure and we make you part of our big family: you will benefit from the updates, our special deals and our tips and tricks to boost your photography game.

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